Pathways over Time: Functional genomics in the introductory lab

This site includes class materials from BIOL2040 (formerly BI204) – Investigations in Molecular Cell Biology.  The course introduces students to molecular cell biology within the context of a semester-long research project in functional genomics.  In the Pathways over Time project, students are studying the evolutionary conservation of genes in the metabolic pathways leading to methionine and cysteine synthesis.  The material at this site was developed with support from the National Science Foundation, and the experiments have been tested with Boston College students.  Students and educators are welcome to use these materials.  We have tried to design a flexible course, and we would love to hear how the materials are being used.  Please contact Clare O’Connor for more information.

View the Power Point file, ASMCUE-2015, to learn more about the course.  This presentation was given at the 2015 meeting of American Society for Microbiology Conference for Undergraduate Educators (ASMCUE).


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