Graduate History Alliance

Director of Operations

David DeVore


Research: I study culture, ethnicity, and society in the Late and Post-Roman world, focusing on economic and political interactions. My current project seeks to highlight how the sixth century historian Procopius implements ethnicity within the wars and political drama of his day through the digital humanities, most notably by creating of a social network based off Procopius’ works.

Platform: As Director of Operations, my aim to facilitate and provide opportunities for professional development for graduate students pursuing both academic and non-academic careers. Particularly I hope to support the growth of and familiarity with the digital humanities within the History department with the hopes of connecting graduate students with the proper support and tools to advance their own research.

Favorite Areas in Boston: The Museum of Fine Arts and the “Green Way” are both excellent for a day in the city.

What I’m looking forward to the most this academic year: Earning my Master’s and figuring out what’s next.


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