Graduate History Alliance


Eric Grube

Research: I study modern German history, with a particular focus on war, mobilization, occupation, and society.  I’m currently investigating the topic of federalism in the German Empire, specifically the tensions between Prussian hegemony and regional loyalties in Bavaria, Saxony, and Württemberg.  I’m also very much interested in Bavarian-Austrian relations, with an emphasis on the Anschluss discourse at the end of World War I often glossed over in favor of the infamous 1938 annexation.

Platform: As president, I hope to serve the Graduate History Alliance by focusing on the issues salient to the students themselves.  Namely, the securing graduate funding will be the main concern since it affects each of us in definitive ways.  Stipend packages, teaching assistantships, and conference funding are all crucial financial questions that will be discussed with faculty and reported to the graduate students.  I will also keep our organization in contact with the larger umbrella organization, the Graduate Student Association, and its endeavors regarding graduate student support and events.

Please, should you have any concerns, qualms, advice, suggestions, feel free to email me!  I would appreciate any assistance and feedback.

Favorite Areas in Boston: The New England Aquarium, The Mapparium, pretty much anything with the suffix -arium.

What I’m looking forward to the most this academic year: The tentative possibility of passing my comps and/or the cinematic release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


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