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Mia Michael

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Research: United States history, particularly the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries with emphasis on immigration and nativism.

Platform: All work and no play makes for dull graduate students. Therefore, as co-social chair of the Graduate History Association, I look forward to organizing delightful gatherings throughout the upcoming year for your enjoyment. Along with Colin, I will strive to foster a welcoming, inclusive environment within the GHA and provide you with social events where you might cultivate friendships with your colleagues or simply shelve that reading for a few hours.

Favorite Areas in/near Boston: Concord, Lexington, Minuteman Bikeway

What I’m looking forward to the most this academic year: Working as a Teaching Assistant with BC undergraduates!


Colin McConarty


Research: I study U.S. political history, mostly of the late nineteenth century. My research focuses on the Federal Government, especially the intentions of the leaders behind its actions and the effect of its policies on the lives of everyone else in the nation. In particular, I focus on the era of Reconstruction, which provides unique insight into many issues at the heart of American politics, such as the causes of economic inequality or racial animosities and the role Americans think the Federal Government should play in alleviating these issues.

Platform:  Along with my co-social chair, the honorable Mia Michael, I will help to ensure the highest levels of happiness and general mental stability among the graduate students of Boston College’s History Department. Together we will strive to rediscover the mysterious “OFF” switch that sometimes becomes hidden throughout the academic season.

Favorite Areas in Boston:  Beantown Pub, Jim’s Deli.

What we are looking forward to most this academic year: Continuing to search for the Holy Grail.

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