Graduate History Alliance

Vice President

Mikayla Robinson


Research: I study U.S. history with a focus on immigration, race, policy, and Asian American history. I am currently researching the topic of Chinese exclusion in the United States, specifically different forms of immigration fraud among Chinese in the Northeast during the early twentieth century. I am also interested in the constructions of regional and national identity through immigration policy.

Goals: As Vice President, I hope to serve the Graduate History Alliance by fostering and promoting a sense of community among the graduate students. I will help first year M.A.s transition into the program and feel integrated within our department. I will also continue to communicate and advocate for the concerns of graduate students, specifically M.A. students.

If you have any concerns, questions, or just need someone to talk to, I am always available!

Favorite Places in Boston: Allston- You can often find me at Kung Fu Tea getting my boba, Bon Chon filling up on Korean fried chicken, or at Kaju Tofu House eating all the delicious tofu.

What I’m looking forward to most this academic year: I am most looking forward to passing my comps, playing more Pokemon Go, and competing at Showdown with my hip hop dance crew, AeroK.