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Whether you are a TA or a TF, you can find some helpful tips and documents here.


Teaching Assistants:

Your main responsibility is to teach 3 weekly sections of 18-20 students. You will lead them in discussion, grade their assignments, and answer questions that they have about the course. Your actual duties will vary by professor, so it’s important to communicate clearly and often with the instructor of the course and your fellow TAs. To help with that first semester, there is a yearly TA training session which should help you with the ins and outs of the daily grind. We’ve also compiled a collection of sample syllabi, essay guidelines, and other documents that may help with your teaching.


Teaching Fellows:

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the 6th year and have classes of your own to teach. The biggest challenge here is making time for your writing and creating a good class. You will find it significantly easier to write lectures if you took really good notes from the classes you TA’ed for. But here, everything is up to you. You make the syllabus, reading list, lectures, and assignments.  Feel that power? But it also means more work than being a TA, so we’ve collected some advice from our former TFs for you to peruse and crib from.


General Guides
[TA Guide] [TF Guide]

TA Syllabi
[Chris Riedel] [Elise Franklin] [Jared Hardesty]
[Jesse Tumblin] [Gráinne McEvoy]

Writing Guides
[Chris Riedel] [Elise Franklin]
[Austin Mason] [Gráinne McEvoy]

Other Documents
[Jesse Tumblin’s Reading Guide]
[Austin Mason’s Excel Grade Template]
[Austin Mason’s Grading Rubric]


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