Authentic Science Seminar – Manchester Essex Regional School (Spring 2020)

We were privileged to present a general science talk on quantum technologies to the students of Manchester Essex Regional School in Manchester by the Sea, MA. The students are part of the “Authentic Science Research” honor program, a two year track where they explore contemporary science topics and perform summer research at area institutions. Kudos to Mrs. Burgess for running a model program for K-12 science education in this country.

Tour for “College Bound” Students (Summer 2019)

We were delighted to host several classes of students and their teachers participating in BC’s College Bound program. These students come from Boston Public Schools, and through their exposure to cutting-edge STEM concepts in this program, they have the potential to become trailblazers in their communities.

It’s often said our department is home to some very big magnets. Our goal was to motivate how our research using the world’s smallest magnet could be even more useful. Big thanks to our undergrad researcher Zach for building the cool demos and to Neda at College Bound for her enthusiastic support of this new event!