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  Commerical instruments based on the SQUID magnetometer, born from the “first quantum revolution”, are now indispensable for the discovery of bulk magnetic materials, but are powerless for the emerging class of atomically-thin magnets. Here, we extend NV magnetometry to the dynamic properties of ultrathin spintronic materials, complementing its nanoscale resolution for static magnetization. Our work takes a step towards next-generation quantum technologies that exploit the coherent control of individual quantum states.


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Detection of photocurrents in materials by transport measurements averages over spatial variations and is limited to small device sizes to allow efficient photocarrier extraction. In contrast, NV magnetometry provides a contact-free, space- and time-resolved probe of current distributions. Moreover, synchronized control over the photoexcitation and NV manipulation pulses enables high-sensitivity “lock-in” detection. Learn more.


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  with James Hamlin on advances in the characterization of high pressure phenomena via NV magnetometry.

Prior to Boston College


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