Zeljkovic Lab

Nanoscale Synthesis and Characterization of Quantum Materials

Lab Members

Group picture July 2016

Group picture, July 2016

Principal Investigator

Ilija Zeljkovic

Email: ilija.zeljkovic (at) bc.edu





 Graduate Students

Bryan Rachmilowitz

3rd year graduate student

Email: rachmilo (at) bc.edu



heHe Zhao

4th year graduate student

Email: he.zhao (at) bc.edu



Shang Gao

4th year graduate student

Email: shang.gao (at) bc.edu




Zheng Ren

3rd year graduate student

Email: zheng.ren (at) bc.edu



Undergraduate Students

hanyi-luHanyi Lu

Class of 2018

Email: luhb (at) bc.edu



Noah Barnett

Class of 2019

Email: barnetno (at) bc.edu



Andrew Uzdejczyk

Class of 2018

Email: uzdejczy (at) bc.edu




Undergraduate Students

caitlinCaitlin Seed

Class of 2017 (senior thesis)

Email: caitlin.seed (at) bc.edu

-> NC State Physics Grad School


sarah-steigerSarah Steiger

Class of 2017 (senior thesis)

Email: steigers (at) bc.edu

-> UCSB Physics Grad School



Spencer Kwon

Class of 2017 (senior thesis)

Email: kwonsf (at) bc.edu



tiaQi Ying (Tia) Lim

Class of 2018

Email: qi.lim (at) bc.edu



gayatriGayatri (Jordan) Rai

Class of 2019

Email: gayatri.rai (at) bc.edu



High School Students

Sidhika Balachandar (Buchholz High School, Gainesville, Florida, Class of 2018) RSI student

Ruobin Han (Raffles Institution, Singapore, Class of 2018) RSI student

Kavita Selva (Clear Lake High School, Houston, TX, Class of 2017) RSI student

Clara-Ann Cheng (Raffles Institution, Singapore, Class of 2017) RSI student, RSI Final Presentation Award

Ishaan Bhojwani (Noble and Greenough School, Class of 2016) 

Krikor Hajian (Brookline High School, Class of 2018)

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